Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And so it begins.......sort of

In a way, this blog is about 25 years in the making.  The journey and relationship I began with my 1970 "W code" Boss 302 Mustang started in 1984 when the car was purchased in Wimberly, Texas.  The car's entire history began in the Dallas area and evidently spent most of it's tortured and abused life in that area.  A previous owner contacted me a few years ago after finding the car in the Boss 302 Registry and told me a bit about the car's previous life.  He said the car sat for about a year on a used car lot back in 1974 when a buddy of his bought the car.  From there, it gets a little spotty, but what I can say without question is that this car is a survivor in more ways than one...........and she's definitely female (ha!).

The fact that this car survives at all is a miracle in itself.  For 24 of the 26 years I've owned the car, it lived in the absolutely nasty salt-water bath environment of deep South Texas where I grew up.  If there is a hell for collectible cars, I GUARANTEE it's front porch is in South Texas.  And yes, that environment took it's toll and the car has rust in almost all of the "usual" Mustang spots.

Secondly, this car was optioned to do one thing..........drag race.  With a 4.30 gear and Detroit locker rear diff, a close-ratio top-loader and almost nothing else in the way of extras, the car was anything but a practical street car.  The car was driven HARD, blown up at least once and what was left was ham-fisted into a bloody pulp before she was sent on her way.  From my perspective, the powertrain, although relatively intact, is complete junk.

Previous owners were unmerciful in the treatment of this old girl.........yet she survived.  Truth is, I have never worked on any single car that had more "kluged" up sh*t done to it in my entire life.  If it couldn't be tightened or removed with a BFH or smoke-wrench or made to stick with slobber-weld, it didn't need fixin'.

But.......here we are.  She's finally going to get the restoration she so desperately deserves and I plan to document the journey right here.  So hang on!  It's gunna be a bumpy ride!

The car leaving it's South Texas Hell for a stop-over in Lufkin, TX, June 2007.

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