Thursday, April 26, 2012

Seat Sneak-Peek

Seats have to be one of the toughest things to choose for a hot rod muscle car.  Like custom wheels, it’s way too easy to pick a seat style that looks too “Ricky Racer” and fails to blend in with the interior of the car.  I like interiors that are “subtly modern” with styling cues that are easily identifiable to the original interior of the car.  For this reason, I have struggled to find a seat combination that looked nice, with a modern flair, but still kept some identifiable relationship to the original high-back bucket seats that were common in 69-70 Mustang interiors.

About a year or so ago, I saw few pictures of a 69 Camaro done out on the west coast that had a pair of seats that I thought might just do the trick.  Since the fellow who built the car was a friend of a friend, I asked second-hand, who made the seats he used.  I was shocked to learn they were seats taken from a 2011 Honda CRZ Hybrid!  Oh the humanity!

With this information in hand, I set about looking for a pair of seats to see how they might fare as candidates for my Boss 302.  After a year of searching, I found a pristine pair of seats locally (almost) for a fantastic price from a salvaged car with only 13 miles on it!  Score!

Once I got the seats home and started comparing the styling, dimensions and features to the old high-back buckets, I felt I had found the perfect seat option for my car.  If you can imagine the center panels in perforated black suede leather with the sides and headrest done in matte finish smooth black leather, you will quickly see how these seats will take on the appearance of a modernized Mustang high-back bucket.  After a bit of simple fabrication for seat mounts, these seats will bolt into the stock seat locations and should work fantastic!
Side by side, the Honda CRZ seat looks surprisingly similar to the original Mustang high-back bucket seat.  Proportions are very similar.  Hmmmm.....maybe a Boss 302 logo embroidered in the upper shoulder panel or headrest?

Without the often HUGE bolsters of many aftermarket seats, the Honda CRZ seat has very approachable styling that should work well with the 69-70 deluxe interior styling.........modernized of course.

Interestingly enough, the old high-back seat bottom is almost a full inch wider than the new seat.

Comparing the lower seat backs, you can see that there will be no concern for fit in this area.

Another look at the similarity in design of the old vs. new seat.  I'm lovin' this look!


  1. That's friggen amazing how closely they match. These should look awesome in your Boss.

  2. Thanks Alex and I agree! I was pretty happy just eyeballing the look, but when I actually got them side-by-side, the similarities was pretty amazing. I'm pretty geeked up!

  3. Wow Sven! That's a killer seat that looks like it will fit like a glove. Hmmmm. Wonder how they'd fit in a '68? With the back seat upholstered like the front, the interior will be knocked out of the park! Nice R & D.

  4. Why Dennis, I think they'd look right fine in a '68! LOL! Thanks!

  5. Oh that is a very cool side profile Sven. They should look great in black!

    So what's your steering wheel choice then? That's the issue I'm still fighting. For now, I'm leaning towards the Billet Specialties Draft model - in black anodize.


  6. Howdy RJ,

    I like both the Boost and Draft model steering wheels, but I'd have to keep it all black as I don't care for the polished bolt/rivet look. I am a bit torn yet and have time to think it over, but leaning toward the Boost style at the moment. I am a little unsure of how Billet Specialties configures their adapters and I am unwilling to modify my column shaft to make any steering wheel work. Jury is still out I guess.....

  7. I actually called them about the adapters as I have a LeCarra adapter that I turned down and painted to match my interior. I was surprised that they couldn't (or wouldn't) tell me one way or the other whether their steering wheels would bolt up to the LeCarra. I'm going to press them some more for at least a hole diameter and bolt circle. Stay tuned!


    1. Interesting experience you have there. Seems to run hand-in-hand with the impression I got in talking to them. I'd be very interested it hearing what you come up with!