Sunday, November 14, 2010

A bit more history....

As I sit in my hotel room in one of the more dismal parts of Mexi-hole wasting away a Sunday because there are no flights out of here, I took the opportunity to dig around the net trying to find out anything I can about the history of my car. As luck would have it, I stumbled on some information a fellow that contacted me a few years ago had posted on the Boss 302 Registry forum when he was looking for my car. All told, there's still about a 10-year gap in its 40-year life that remains unknown, but if any of the following is reasonably accurate, I can account for about 75% of the car's life.

The original buyer was a man named Ray Guy. It was purchased from Bird-Kultgen Ford in Waco, Texas and raced around the Waco area until it was sold to a Johnny Patrick and apparently raced some more.

Sometime between September and December of 1974 Mr. Patrick sold the car to Moon's Used Cars in Waco, Tx.  Perhaps a sign of the times in '74 given the gas crunch, etc., Moon sold the car through one of the Houston-area auto auctions.  At that time, the car was reported to have Hooker Headers decals on both front fenders, (and presumably Hooker headers since that's what was on the car when I bought it).  The license plate at the time was reported as Texas "DTF-261".

Between late '74 and 1983, the car drops off the radar screen and eventually ends up for sale in Del Rio, Texas, a West Texas / Mexican border town just south of the Amistad Reservoir and west of Laughlin Air Force Base.  By this time, it's been hit in the left front and the rear end, possibly in the same (apparently minor) accident.  In about the middle of '83, a fellow by the name of Russell Barnes out of Austin, Texas bought the car and moved it to a pole barn in Wimberly, Texas.  This is where the car was when we bought it in 1984 from Mr. Barnes.  Curiously enough, there was another Boss 302 parked beside it in the barn that was front-to-back solid bondo and in much worse shape than my car.

Since buying the car in 1984, it was stored in the condition that I bought it, in South Texas; first in the coastal towns of Rockport, then Aransas Pass, until June of 2007 when it made the temporary move to my Uncle's home in Lufkin, Texas.  In August of 2009, my uncle loaded the car on his very nicely appointed car hauler and drove it to Michigan, and the comfort and security of its current home.

As much as I'd like to fill in the missing 10-year gap, I am reasonably happy with this most recent information.  I would love to know if there are any original pictures and/or paperwork still in the possession of the first two owners (or their families).  But that may remain an unfulfilled wish at this point.

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  1. Nice detective work there. Hopefully somebody reads this and has more info.