Monday, November 1, 2010

Finished rotisserie!

Finished the rotisserie last night and updated the October 28th blog entry to keep everything in one spot.  The thing works amazingly well and will definitely make many aspects of the restoration considerably easier.

The next step will be to power wash all of the South Texas mud off the bottom of the car along with all of the loose debris that seems to come from everywhere.  During the first roll test, it sounded like a Volkswagen hit the garage floor based on all the sh*t that fell out of the car (seam sealer chunks, rust flakes from the floors, sand, rocks, leaves, rat turds, ancient bolts/nuts, screws, unidentified plastic objects (UPO's), a pencil, a nickle, etc, etc.).

Now to decide if I want to replace the floor and cowl panels while on the rotisserie or if that would be better done on the ground.  Gotta think about that one.........


  1. Congrats! I wish I had built a rotisserie. It should make your job much easier. Regarding all the debris that falls out of these cars, that ain't sh*t, that's archaeology!

  2. Thanks! In the two days I've had the car on the rack, I know I will never regret the time and effort put into building it. It is sooooooooo nice being able to flip the car any way you want so easily. Archaeology! THAT'S FUNNY!!!!!