Sunday, March 13, 2011

From the floor to new Heidt’s – New stuff is the BEST!

Progress has been a little hard to come by lately, but I am happy to say, new stuff has been procured!  Over the past few weeks, I have managed to pick up a new floor, seat pans, rear torque box covers and the latest Heidt’s four-link coilover rear suspension system along with their subframe connectors.  Kinda feels like Christmas all over again!
As I mentioned in an earlier post, my car will ultimately ride on a full coilover suspension system.  The front suspension will be a very nice setup from a local company owned by a fellow named Shaun Burgess called Street or Track.  Shaun has developed one of the finest coilover front suspension systems available for the Mustang and it is also one that requires the least modification of any available (it’s practically a bolt-on affair).  Check it out here:   Street or Track Coilover Front Suspension Kit
The rear suspension is a bit more involved and I have chosen to go with the Heidt's Hot Rod Shop 4-Link Coilover KitThe Heidt’s stuff is extremely well made, easy to install and maintain and it works pretty darn well.  While they market the kit as a bolt-in, I will be welding the system into my car as I hate the “bolted-together” look and I want it to blend smoothly into the rest of the undercarriage.  Once the bottom of the car is sprayed with SEM bed liner coating, the whole setup should look as close to factory as you can hope for.  I’m excited!
I stopped off at NPD and picked up their top-of-the-line one-piece floor along with a pair of new seat pans and rear torque box covers.  The parts look quite nice and I am looking forward to being able to install them once the weather allows for some sand blasting.
When this load of stuff showed up, I was like a kid with anew bike!
There it is!  The 4-link rear suspension I have been waiting for!
......and a set of subframe connectors to go with it!
All unboxed and set out for inspection.  The Heidt's stuff is very nice.  All the steel parts are laser cut and look gorgeous straight out of the box.
The weld quality on every piece is second to none.  These frame brackets appear to be robotic MIG welded and are fantastic.
The 4-link brackets are TIG welded by hand and look very nice.
More very nice TIG welding on the lower coilover mounts.  Also, notice how smooth the laser-cut edges are on every part.  It's almost as if every edge was polished.


  1. Jealousy is what I'm feeling now Sven... Jealousy. I hate you. Kidding! Gratz on the new parts (not to mention living close enough to an NPD to not have to pay freight)!

  2. That just made me laugh out loud! Just for that, I'm gunna tease you even more as I go! 8^).

  3. You live by a NPD! Lucky, Lucky, Lucky! It's like Christmas at your place without all the food! LOL Nice parts there Sven!

  4. Thanks James! I am very lucky that the Michigan NPD location is about 45 miles south of me. Definitely worth the drive to avoid shipping and I can look at everything first-hand before I buy. Good bunch of guys there too!

  5. Wow looks like some fun! I know what you mean about waiting for the weather to sandblast. Although it was almost 65 here yesterday! Just need a day off now.

  6. Ugh! Back to freezing rain here today (03/22). And I know what you mean about that pesky day-job getting in the way of quality resto time!